The DECRYPT Portal

We provide a collection of encrypted historical sources, and tools for the automatic analysis and decryption using AI. 


DECODE DATABASE: a collection of thousands of historical ciphertexts and keys 

HISTCORP: a collection of historical texts and language models for 16 European languages


CODEBREAKER: break a cipher with our interactive online tools

CrypTool2: break advanced (historical and modern) ciphers with this desktop tool

TRANSCRIPT: transcribe images with this interactive transcription tool

DECODER: map a ciphertext and key, and get a match of the underlying language(s)

ENCODER: encode a text with various encryption methods

ANACODE: analyse the ciphertext

ANAKEY: analyse the key



The source code of the platform and tools are being released as open source under the Apache license v.2.0 in the hope that we can increase the functionality of the tools.

The DECODE database has special Terms and conditions. All the digital material that have been produced in the project can be used without any restrictions. However, be aware that some of cipher and key images in the DECODE database are copyrighted by archives and libraries with restricted usage. This varies greatly depending on the permission our users got for the distribution of the uploaded images. The licensing of digital works in DECODE as follows: 

Most of the digital material in DECODE are not copyrighted and are accessible in accordance with Public Domain Mark.

The author of copyrighted material can choose a licence for publication in accordance with the Creative Commons licences.

Copyrighted material that has no licence is published as in In Copyright.

All users with accounts are responsible for the correct labelling and publishing of their own material.

This work is supported by the Swedish Research Council, grant 2018-06074: DECRYPT - Decryption of historical manuscripts.